Wednesday, 29 August 2012

yi yi

01. BABY DEE Yapapipi, from 'Regifted Light' (Drag City, 2011)
02. KAREN DALTON Whoopee Ti Yi Yo, from 'Green Rocky Road' (Megaphone, 2008. rec'd 1963)
03. NATHAN BOWLES Charlie's Pontoon, from 'Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose' (Jack Rose LLC, 2010)
04. ELEPHANT MICAH Rides Away, from 'Low Energy Dance Music' (Landmark Record(ings), 2002)
05. MV/EE MEDICINE SHOW The Uranian Ray, from 'The Uranian Ray' (Child of Microtones, 2004)
06. THE SHALLOWS Trial By Separation, b-side to 'Suzanne Said' (self-released 7", 1985)
07. BROADCAST + THE FOCUS GROUP We Are After All Here, from '..Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age' (Warp, 2009)
08. TWO DOLLAR GUITAR Down to Sleep, from 'Let Me Bring You Down' (Smells Like Records, 1994)
09. CYNTHIA DALL Be Safe With Me, from 'Sound Restores Young Men' (Drag City, 2002)
10. NEU! Isi, from 'Neu! '75' (Brain, 1975)
11. PYE CORNER AUDIO Electronic Rhythm Number Four, from 'Black Mill Tapes Volume 2: Do You Synthesize?' (Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services, 2011)
12. NICK HUGGINS Hoddle Street, from 'Five Lights' (Two Bright Lakes, 2011)

zip of mp3s, all above 192 bitrate (comment to request re-upload)

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