Wednesday, 13 July 2011

a way
{117.44MB zip file of mp3s, bitrates all above 192kbps}

01. HUSH ARBORS Water II, from 'Hush Arbors' (2008, Ecstatic Peace)
02. WILLIE LANE Silversleeve Raga, from 'Known Quantity' (2009, Cord-Art)
03. ALEXANDER TUCKER Jamie, from 'Dorwytch' (2011, Thrill Jockey)
04. BITCHIN BAJAS Water 2, from 'Water Wrackets' (2011, Kallistei Editions)
05. GROWING Green Pasture 1, from 'Color Wheel' (2006, Troubleman Unlimited)
06. DEMARNIA LLOYD Flying, from 'Trace' (2000, Arclife)
07. GEOFF MULLEN The Air in Pieces (#7), from 'The Air in Pieces' (2006, Last Visible Dog)
08. HUSH ARBORS I Will Carry Bones in My Knapsack, from 'Singing Through Moss and Mist' (2004, Foxglove)
09. ANGEL OLSEN Some Things Cosmic, from 'Strange Cacti' (2010, Bathetic)
10. GREEN GERRY Ballad in the Bay of Pigs, from 'Odd Tymes' (2010)
11. ELEPHANT MICAH Daniel's Song, from 'Elephant Micah and the Palmyra Palm' (2004, Time-Lag)
12. LIDA HUSIK Fatigue, from 'What Else Do You Do? A Compilation of Quiet Music' (1990, Shimmy-Disc)
13. ALASTAIR GALBRAITH From the Empire, from 'Orbital' (7", 1999, Crawlspace)
14. VALET We Went There, from 'Naked Acid' (2008, Kranky)