Wednesday, 23 June 2010


yuletidings, southern hemisphere-ians

10 songs, + a field recording from the Ekstrom ice shelf:
winter beams black waterfall beeside grey cumulusless ocean moon comets {77.77mb zipped mp3s; various bitrates all above 192kbps}

  • Micah Blue Smaldone A Winter's Truce (2005, North East Indie)
  • Sun Araw Beams, from 'Beach Head' (2008, Not Not Fun)
  • Topaz Rags Black Honey, from 'Tarot Harem' 7" (2009, Not Not Fun)
  • Belong Beeside (Tintern Abbey cover), from 'Colorloss Record' (2008, St. Ives)
  • Ashtray Navigations Photographing the Waterfall, from 'Sgt. pepper's Mystery Four Twenty Hex Aurora Toilet' (2009, Memoirs of An Aesthete)
  • Maddy Prior and June Tabor The Grey Funnel Line, from 'Silly Sisters' (1976, Chrysalis)
  • Growing Cumulusless 1, from 'Color Wheel' (2006, Troubleman Unlimited)
  • Peter Gutteridge Ocean, from 'Pure' (1989, Xpressway)
  • Arborea Look Down Fair Moon, from 'House of Sticks' (2008, Borne Recordings)
  • Pelt Crown of Comets, from 'Dauphin Elegies' (2008, VHF)
  • [field recording of iceberg 'b-09a', Ekstroem ice shelf]