Saturday, 18 December 2010

red becomes you ||| i become you
{63.9MB zip file of vbr mp3s - all above 192kbps}

01. ZOLA JESUS Clay Bodies, from 'The Spoils' (2009, Sacred Bones Records)
02. ALTAR EAGLE Honey, from 'Mechanical Gardens' (2010, Type Records)
03. ALASTAIR GALBRAITH Stolen and Broken, from Mass (2010, Siltbreeze)
04. SYD BARRETT If You Go #2 (1974)
05. MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ Honey, from 'Faux D├ępart' (2004, Yik Yak)
06. ROBERT SCOTT Details at Play, from 'The Creeping Unknown' (2000, Flying Nun)
07. DORAMAAR Heart, from 'Copula' (1995, Corpus Hermeticum)
08. BARDO POND Luna Sway, from 'Shone Like a Ton' (1992)
09. JULIANNA BARWICK Anjos, from 'Florine' (2009)
10. KATE BUSH The Red Shoes, from 'The Red Shoes' (1993, EMI)

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